AI/ML AND NLP & Chatbots

Wondering how AI/ML AND NLP will work heaps for your business?
Congratulations! You just found the best business partner!
The growth of your business equals to almost 80% of its data, which goes unused when it’s unstructured and unanalyzed.
AI, ML & NLP will help you dig deeper into your business via automation, data analysis, customer insights thus exploring growth paths with every new step your business takes.
Machine Learning

  • Our expert ML developer team in tandem with data scientists will construct an end-to-end Machine Learning lifecycle for your business system. The following will help you simplify and automate the system, yielding better results and leaving more time for critical business tasks.
    • Automate repetitive, time consuming tasks
    • Identify trends & growth patterns
    • Understand and analyze complex data
    • Incorporate & Leverage Machine Learning Engines

Chatbot Development

  • Attend to all your customers’ queries 24*7 by developing a tailored and secure chatbot system for your business. Being the top developers in India, we guide you through the options and provide you with the best of frameworks saving your operation costs and time.
    • Human-like, one-on-one conversations
    • Strategy based workflows
    • Chatbot architecture for growth and scalability

Natural Language Processing

  • Facilitate your chatbot system further by harnessing the power of NLPS for your business. Our NLP service will help your system to easily analyze customer sentiments, categories and summaries data, all without constant supervision.
    • Boost operational efficiency
    • Information mapping
    • Detect, Extract and analyze important data
    • Improved market research and analysis

AI Consulting & Integration Services

  • Strengthen and build your AI models and tap into the power of technology through research-based AI consulting provided by our dedicated AI professionals. We will work out the best AI strategy unique to your business requirements and drive business growth. We also provide cross-platform integration services that boost performance and accelerate business growth.

Software Testing

Built your software? But looking for safety?
We are determined to provide you with the best-in-class security coupled with trailblazing features landing your users a seamless experience with splendid performance.
Enterprise App Testing

  • We provide enterprise app testing services where we follow a meticulous process to test your software for performance and functionality at every level. Our testing process ensures enhanced performance post the testing process.

Functional Testing

  • With functional testing, we check and validate your software applications for User Interface, Database, APIs and Client/ server communication. It mainly concentrates on mainline functions of your apps, usability, software integration, accessibility as well as error conditions.

Automated Testing

  • Saarthy offers the finest automated testing services for your software applications. The following testing will provide you with extreme accuracy with the tools and scripts that we used and delivers results at a much faster rate.

Security Testing

  • Our security testing service ensures that your software systems are meticulously screened for loopholes, vulnerabilities or threats owing to losses, and solving them in- time post the testing process.

Responsive Testing

  • At Saarthy, we carry out a thorough responsive testing process to check if your applications web design functions at its optimum on all devices without hindrances. The following ensures your users get the best-in-class viewing experience.

Platform Compatibility Testing

  • With the following, our expert team ensures seamless performance of your app on all various platforms for various devices, operating systems as well as browsers.

Usability Testing

  • Saarthy provides web and mobile app usability testing services that gauge the ease and user-friendliness of your software application. The following is carried out to uncover usability defects, problems in flexibility and to check if the application meets the user’s requirements.
    • User-interface & Design testing
    • Effectiveness, efficiency & accuracy of the app.
    • Remote usability testing
    • Hallway testing

Dedicated QA Team

  • Saarthy provides you with a dedicated Quality Assurance team that works with you end-to-end throughout the development of your software application. The QA team will help you in planning and implementing robust strategies to optimize your business.
    • Stress & Load testing
    • Management of QA services
    • Cross-functional QA testing

Cloud Consulting

Re-imagine business operations with Smart cloud technologies.
Design, optimize and streamline complex operational processes with Saarthy’s accurate cloud infrastructure that saves 60% of your costs. Saarthy is an experienced cloud consulting company that has been instrumental in providing with bespoke cloud solutions that have transformed businesses leading to scalability & easy accessibility.
Cloud Migration service

  • Hassle-free cloud migration with zero business hindrance:
    Saarthy’s migration services are driven by data analysis & custom designed pathways that rightly fit your need to ensure speedy, seamless & cost-effective solutions. The process includes analyzing your current IT infrastructure followed by seamless migration that covers On-prem to cloud, one cloud to another cloud or to any other cloud while ensuring zero impact on your business functioning.

    • Exploring Cloud migration options
    • Data Migration
    • Consolidating on-premises data centers
    • Application migration
    • Risk Mitigation
    • SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Cloud Advisory service

  • Find yourself adept cloud advisory with Saarthy:
    With the correct Cloud technology your business gains the power to speed & efficiency. Our Cloud consulting services are curated carefully considering your business needs and concerns. Our cloud experts meticulously design efficient technology plan that is tailor-made for your business.

    • Dedicated Support
    • Technical infrastructure expertise
    • Workshops & Consultation

Cloud Implementation services

  • Unlock the power of cloud computing
  • Saarthy helps you leverage efficient cloud computing that addresses all your business needs and scalability quotient. With over half a decade of experience, Saarthy promises to execute & deliver adept cloud implementation driven by speed, efficiency and agility. Our cloud implementation services are all encompassing spanning from IAAS, PAAS, SAAS to Intelligence (IoT, Bots, BI, AI & ML).

Cloud Security & Governance

  • Deploy Secure & Monitored Cloud model for your business
  • As your business touches new heights every quarter, it’s important that your business systems are sealed with high security to mitigate potential threats & risks. Saarthy understands the hiccups along the way of business advancements and hence we provide you a dedicated team of security architects that work round the clock to identify threats in your systems, notify and resolve them timely. We also design a clean Governance policy so as to facilitate effective security management.

Cloud Management Services

  • Round the clock management for your cloud systems
  • Having a firm foot in Cloud infrastructure, Saarthy specializes in helping businesses manage their IT integrant. Our skillful developers with their expertise help you cut down on operational costs with 24×7 availability coupled with robust security leaving you with ample time to focus on indispensable areas of business.
    • Automatic Code Deployment
    • Security & Access Management
    • Compliance & Change Management

Cloud Automation Services

  • Automate to Accelerate
  • We believe in smart innovation! Saarthy with its cloud automation services relieves you from repetitive, time-consuming tasks that impeded business operations. With our technical experts we build automated technological processes that simplify cloud management, reduce costs, functional errors and accelerate ROI.
    • Automate Management Tasks
    • Simplify Configuration Management
    • Collect Inventory & Track Changes

Cloud Optimization Services

  • Optimization for efficient Cloud costing
  • We understand the changing dynamics and needs of businesses and hence we strongly believe in leveraging modules that are optimizable according to your alternating business needs. Saarthy provides Cloud optimization services that detect mishandled resources and mitigate waste so as to retain capacity for important tasks. We focus on building best-in-class models specially catering to your changing needs while saving big time on your operational costs.

IT Consulting

Confused with myriads of technological offerings?
We are here to help you choose!
Being one of the top IT consulting companies in India, we have been instrumental in creating bespoke IT solutions for numerous businesses. We house an expert IT consulting team that is here to overcome all your technological hurdles, leaving you with more time to plan your business growth.
Custom Software Development

  • As your business thrives, we will be the driving force behind all the advanced features
    • Seamless integration of other systems
    • Robust security
    • Performance engineering & scalability
    • Application security

Security Consulting

  • Our expert IT consultants run numerous tests to scan vulnerabilities and identify all the potential threats, carry out risk analysis and then provide with restorative measures.
    • Security for existing application
    • Security analysis and consultation for new application
    • Database encryption

Risk Management

  • Are you worried about data theft, loss of information or any other external threats to your business? We follow a rigorous risk management process to mitigate all your IT risks and ensure the smooth functioning of your business.
    • Data security risk management
    • Prevention of information loss
    • Security awareness
    • Elimination and damage control of IT risks – assessment, management & controls

Dedicated Technology Consultant

  • Saarthy houses a dedicated IT consulting team that aids you not just through the development procedure but also throughout the life-cycle.
    • Enterprise architecture advisory
    • Software portfolio consulting
    • IT infrastructure upgrade

Mobile App Development

You may want to build a native, hybrid, or simply a web mobile app. And we are here to give you the best of each, being the finest mobile app developers in India.
We cater to all your mobile application needs right from back-end to front-end as we provide full-stack mobile application development services. We build highly scalable and secure apps all according to your needs that tailor-fit your business model requirements.
Custom Android and iOS mobile app development

  • Custom is awesome! Hence, we provide top-notch customized mobile applications catering to both iOS and android devices. Our expert mobile app developers specialize in providing scalable, high-performance and secure apps for all business segments. We build feature-focused native & cross platform mobile apps that will raise your bar in the market.
  • We specialize in:
    • App migration & cloud consulting.
    • Mobile app technology consulting
    • Native & hybrid app development
    • App testing and upgradation

AR & VR Apps

  • Enhance your customers’ experience by providing them with advanced technological options. We are a specialist AR/VR app development company in India offering interactive mobile experiences for users. We build augmented & virtual reality solutions through pioneering technology made to serve a truly unmatched customer experience.
    • Location based AR app development
    • Data visualization through VR application
    • Market based AR

AI based App

  • With AI Based apps you get the freedom to explore endless new possibilities for your business.
  • Our data-driven solutions combined with AI technology empower machine learning algorithms to meet industry-specific requirements. Our mobile development team builds scalable machine learning models to enable automation and accelerate decision making process.
  • We specialize in:
    • Enhancing Customer Service
    • Conversational Chatbots
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Overcome numerous enterprise challenges with our expert mobile app development team. We deliver complex and secure solutions by leveraging newest tools and frameworks that will bear higher results for your business.

  • We specialize like:
    • Robust & secure applications
    • Integrating wearables or IoT based devices.
    • Mobile device management
    • Mobile Application platform

Web Development

Do more with smart technology choices crafted just for your business!

We know every business that comes to us has a discrete set of problems that they want us to solve or requirements that need to be tailor-made. We offer a bouquet of technology services that fit your business needs that will make sure you stay at the top of the game all the time!
Custom Web App

  • We know that custom made apps do wonders for businesses! With over half a decade of experience we specialize in building highly scalable and robust web apps that accelerate business growth. We work through a meticulous procedure which starts with technology consulting followed by planning, building, prototyping and testing to land you a supersonic web app.

Technology Consultant

  • We provide an umbrella of technological consulting services having mastered the art of technological consulting. We focus on building tailor-made solutions specially catering to your business needs and concerns, being your highly reliable technology partners. Our services range from platform consulting, product re-engineering and development, application security, cloud consulting to name a few.

E-commerce Solution

  • If you’re looking at growing your business through e-commerce but are worried about the hundreds of managerial aspects of it, then we are here to help you through it all. Saarthy provides end to end e-commerce solutions helping you sell your products online in a flash. We will assist you with finding logistic partners, warehousing, selecting a befitting platform, market automations and also payment gateway integration to name a few.

Customer Web Portal

    • Targeting to drive a niche-based audience to your portal?
  • Our expert developer team will help you build up your portal brick by brick precisely fulfilling every little need and objective. We will create custom work flows, CRM and LMS portals, custom analytics for you. Not just that we also specialize in integrating the right marketing automation for your perusal and also custom designed chatbot integrations.

Re-engineering Products

    • Looking to spice up your existing product?
  • Saarthy is here to help you upgrade your product and hence help it gain more visibility with expert practices. We provide product/app re-engineering so as to scale your business and take it to newer heights. We help with data migration, redesigning a more efficient and effective UI, focused on user journey, optimize your existing resources, cloud computing, integrating add-ons via API module and so much more!

Blockchain, ML & Chat bots

  • We all know the growing importance and use of ML & Chatbots that is sure to make your customers feel attended at all times! We integrate chatbots to web apps, thus helping you save time, costs and resources. We provide cloud automation, machine learning, integration of Facebook based chatbot services to name a few, for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction